We are the CHAINge in the business of breast cancer.

Who We Are

About Us

After gaining extensive experience as a lived-experience expert and patient advocate, Jasmine Souers, the founding President and CEO of The Missing Pink Breast Cancer Alliance, recognized that greater progress could be achieved through collaboration among organizations.

Faced with the competitive nature of the breast cancer industry, Jasmine aimed to establish an organization that would foster cooperation toward shared objectives in advancing health equity. The Missing Pink Breast Cancer Alliance forges new partnerships among community stakeholders, provides strategic consulting for better program design, research and marketing efforts, and leads an edu-tainment platform to keep the community both informed and inspired in their shared pursuit of health equity.

We believe when each link in the chain of community is both strong and supportive, the collective impact of our combined actions will bring about a better future for every person affected by breast cancer. We are the CHAINge in the business of breast cancer.

Our mission

To advance health equity for people of color affected by breast cancer through community and collaboration.

Our Vision

A breast cancer community that works collaboratively in the pursuit of health equity to better serve and support people of color.

Our Values

At The Missing Pink BCA, we believe in:

Our Board

Jasmine Souers, President and CEO

Penney Davis, Secretary

Desiree Tyree, Treasurer



Dani Bennov

Thelma Brown

Deriece K. Harrington 

Julia Maues

Shehzin Tietjen

Our Founder


President and CEO

Jasmine Souers is a passionate advocate for young women and people of color affected by breast cancer. Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 26 in 2016, Jasmine turned her pain into purpose through volunteerism, advocacy and co-founding For the Breast of Us, the first inclusive breast cancer community for all women of color.

Today, she is the CEO of The Missing Pink Breast Cancer Alliance, connecting change agents to improve the lives of people of color affected by breast cancer. She is a board member for GRASP and lends her experiences and expertise to organizations such as Young Survival Coalition, Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, the Black Women’s Health Imperative and 2023 American Breast Cancer Society’s National Breast Cancer Round Table.